Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Rahm It Home

Oh, well. It would have been a useful way to make common cause with the regular readers of Philip Giraldi, uniting their vigorous patriotic hostility to Israeli espionage against America with the righteous anger of the victims of the Israel Lobby's sustained campaign against black candidates as such, a campaign which kept Florida from electing the only black United States Senator last year.

But even without that particular reason for Chicago's registered Democrats to decline most forcefully to nominate Rahm Emanuel as their candidate for Mayor, the Reverend James T. Meeks is still there, in the same tradition as those black and Hispanic votes reaffirmed traditional marriage in California and Florida on the same days that those states gave their Electoral College votes to Obama, with the black churches playing a pivotal role. The tradition of the late C. Dolores Tucker and of Father Michael Pfleger on decency in the media.

The tradition that could make common cause with the Congressional Black Caucus, and with anyone who had a black base, in halting and reversing the national emergency of unrestricted and illegal immigration, and in making English the only official language of the United States. Common cause with various other people around the fact that the black male is the victim of a triple genocide in the womb, on the streets, and on the battlefield.

Common cause with the unions on the protection of American jobs. Common cause with the Congressional Progressive Caucus on fair trade agreements, on repealing much or all of the USA Patriot Act, on ending completely the neoconservative war agenda, on strict campaign finance reform, on a crackdown against corporate influence in general and corporate welfare in particular, and on tax cuts for the poor and the middle class.

Common cause based on practical proposals for energy independence, proposals that would or should appeal to unions and others whose fight is primarily for jobs. And common cause based on the importance of government action in bringing about and then conserving pro-life, pro-family and patriotic measures against poverty, in defence of traditional marriage, and in support of agriculture, manufacturing, coal, oil, and nuclear energy.

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  1. Rahm Emanuel is trying to buy the mayoralty, plain and simple. As far as I am concerned he can take his Hollywood money and go back to Washington. I think he would be more at home in the Beltway with the rest of the neoliberal Democrats.